Interested in joining our team?


If you're looking for a position that values excellence, leans on strong judgement, and promotes a great experience for customers, then Coley's Cooler might be a great place for you!

Working with Coley's Cooler isn't just about the job - it's about the experience. It's about the moment when a kid squeals in joy over a Ninja Turtles popsicle, and the moment when everyone at a wedding reception makes a frenzied line to get their ice cream. On our ice cream trucks, buying ice cream isn't just a purchase, but a memory.

Since 2011, Coley's Cooler has been making memories all over the stateline area. Now it's your time to help make these memories for someone else. Talk to a friendly Coley's Cooler employee or apply below to join our crew.

Positions at Coley's Cooler

We're looking for drivers to join our team! As an ice cream truck driver for Coley's Cooler, you might just be the most popular person on the block. That's why we look for our drivers to be both friendly and cautious to ensure a great, safe experience for our customers. Apply to partner with our company so we can make a fun, memorable impact on family's lives.